CodeBits Interactive

Development of the company

Founding CodeBits Interactive

On this day, CodeBits Interactive was founded (originally bearing the name BlackFix as part of InterWave Media, which were later formed into a single brand, CodeBits).


Work in the B2B segment

In 2013, CodeBits activities were focused on working with corporate clients. The team worked on creating websites for the small business segment. By the end of the year, we served a large number of customers, after which it was decided to expand.


Own technologies

In 2014, in addition to expanding the market into several regions, we developed our own technologies for simplified work in the B2B segment. At that time, the first rudiments of the CodeBits Platform appeared, which we use to this day.


Building a B2B segment

In 2015, we started working with a medium-sized business, which allowed us to strengthen our experience with high-loaded projects.


Mobile Solutions

In 2016, we focused on the development of mobile applications. At that moment, we began development with the Android platform and successfully offered services for the development of mobile applications in the B2B segment for medium-sized businesses.


Entering the gaming market

Since the beginning of 2017, we have begun a gradual entry into the mobile gaming market. Then we started developing such franchises as the Freelancer Simulator and revived our old game project Pepoland for mobile platforms. We also started the development of cross-ply and cloud storage technologies.


Strengthening the gaming market

In 2018, we began to strengthen our position in the mobile market, having received the first million users of mobile games from around the world. We have also successfully completed the development and debugging of systems for organizing cross-platform play between platforms and CodeBits cloud storage.


Future targets

Expansion of the mobile segment of games, the release of several large titles on mobile platforms, personal computers running Windows and the current generation console. We are also planning to release several B2B projects in the CodeBits Platform ecology environment.

CodeBits Partnership

Our Partners

Legal information

Founding date 23.12.2012
Type of property Private property
USA team office USA, CA, Sacramento city
About CodeBits CodeBits Interactive — One of the leaders in web technology and digital interactive entertainment. CodeBits Interactive develops and provides games, mobile applications, services, content and network services for Internet-connected gaming systems, mobile devices and PCs. CodeBits has more than two million users worldwide and more than 200 corporate clients.
Achivements Currently, some of the most popular games developed and published by CodeBits are such series as Freelancer Simulator, Pepoland, Lords of Sword and others. We are constantly improving our products, developing our own technologies and cooperating with world leaders in the field of information technology and multimedia entertainment.
For consumers Solving consumer issues on the CodeBits website or by email [email protected]. Or you can call us: +1(844)804-26-39
Technical Support Technical support on the CodeBits website or by email [email protected]. Or you can call us: +1(844)804-26-39. Раздел для корпоративных клиентов