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Prepare for battle!

Join the epic confrontation for the title of Lord of the Sword! Equip your hero, stock up on potions and engage in battle with other players or against the most evil creatures of the citadel of darkness!

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Epic Adventure

Immerse yourself in an unreal MMO-knead and put all your asses in the new Pepoland game. The war of criminal syndicates is in full swing and only you and your friends can bring order to the city!

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Freelancer Story is back!

A new part of the game about the life of a freelancer. New tasks, new opportunities, new graphics and dozens of hours of gameplay with various ways of the company\'s development, up to the absorption of other giants.

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CodeBits Club

Feel the best game experience. Connect with CodeBits Club today

Even more features and content in games. Meet, explore new worlds and feel new emotions in the games. Sign up at CodeBits Club today, invite your friends and conquer the game worlds with even greater interest.

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Gangsta's Set

Preorder Pepoland: War of Syndicates today and take set for real gangsters. The game is available for preordering right now.

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