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CodeBits Interactive developer and publisher of mobile applications, games and software. Also we provide services in B2B and interactive entertainment.

About CodeBits Interactive

CodeBits Interactive was founded in 2016 as a separate and independent brand of InterWave Media. The main goal of the company is the development of applications and games, as well as solutions in the field of interactive entertainment. The founders of CodeBits are people who love and live games. For us, the creation of interactive worlds, which will be interesting to us and the end player interesting - the main priority.

Over the years, our colleagues have 6 years experience in the field of B2B in the development of Web sites and mobile applications. Games have always been our passion and for 3 years we have been developing in this direction, but also do not forget about products for home, office and business.

At the moment, we are developing game franchises like Pepoland), Freelance Simulator, Lords of Sword, Red Rock and The Elder Blades , as well as a number of other individual projects for platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows and XBox One.

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