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Terms of Use

Last Modified: June 12, 2018

Welcome to CodeBits!

Thank you for using our products and services (Services). They are provided by CodeBits Interactive. These conditions are prepared in accordance with the laws of the United States of America and the European Union, but they operate on the territory of the whole world, including the Russian Federation.

By using our Services, you agree to these Terms. Please read them carefully.

Since we provide many different Services, some of them may have additional terms of use and restrictions, including those related to the age of the user. Such terms are given in the relevant Services and, in the case of the latter, are part of your agreement with CodeBits.

Use of the Services

You must follow all the rules that you will be asked to familiarize yourself with when using the Services.

Do not use the Services improperly. In particular, do not try to interfere with their work or access them bypassing the standard interface and our instructions. Use the Services only in accordance with the law, including applicable regulations and rules regarding export and re-export. If you violate these terms and conditions or if we suspect you of this, we may suspend or completely prevent you from accessing the Services.

When working with the Services, you are not granted intellectual property rights either to the Services themselves or to the content associated with them. The latter you can use only if you have the permission of its owner or if such a possibility is provided by law. These Terms do not grant you any rights to use any branding elements or logos of our Services. You must not remove, hide or modify the legal notices displayed on the Services pages.

The Services may be represented by content created and / or uploaded by third parties. The latter bear full responsibility for it. Sometimes we check the content for compliance with the law and our rules. In case of serious violations we can remove or block it. However, this does not mean that we necessarily check all the materials.

If you use our Services, we can send you notifications, messages from the administrator and other information materials. In some cases, you can refuse to receive them, if necessary.

Some of our services can be used on mobile devices. However, if you are driving, this can distract you and lead to a violation of traffic rules, so be careful.

Your CodeBits account

Some services require a CodeBits account. You can create it yourself, or in some cases you will be provided by an administrator, for example, an employer or an authorized employee of an educational institution. If you received a CodeBits account from an administrator, it has the right to view or block your account, and you may be subject to other or additional conditions.

You are responsible for all the actions that are performed in our services with your CodeBits account, as well as in yourself. Therefore, do not give the password from your account to outsiders, or use this password in other web applications. If you find that an unauthorized action is taking place in your account or with your password, promptly change the password from your account and contact us through the customer support center.

Privacy and copyright protection

When working with our Services, you authorize us to use your personal information in accordance with the CodeBits privacy policy. The latter describes why we use this data and how we ensure the confidentiality of users when working with the Services.

We check all reports of alleged copyright infringement, and, guided by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we terminate accounts whose owners systematically violate copyrights.

We provide copyright owners with all the information necessary to monitor the use of their intellectual property on the Internet. If you believe that a third party violates your rights, you can send us a notice, as well as learn how CodeBits processes such messages. You can find the information in our Help Center.

Your Content in the Services

Some of our Services allow you to download, add, store, send or receive content. At the same time, all rights to intellectual property in relation to these materials remain with their owner. Simply put, everything that was yours will remain so.

By uploading, adding, saving, sending and receiving content in our Services, you provide CodeBits and its partners with a worldwide license that allows us to use this content, post it, store it, reproduce it, modify it, create derivative works based on it for example, translations, adaptations and other ways of optimizing materials), share it, publish it, openly reproduce, display, and distribute. The listed rights that you grant to us are used solely to support the work of existing Services, to promote and improve them, and to develop new ones. The specified license will operate also after you refuse from using the Services. Some Services allow you to view and delete content added to them. Some of them also have conditions and settings that impose a restriction on the use of such materials by us. Before you send us the content and, thus, grant a license to use it, make sure that you have the appropriate rights.

Our systems automatically analyze your content to provide information useful to you. This can be selected for you search results, ads and other data. In addition, this analysis helps identify spam and malware. It is executed while sending, receiving and storing content.

The publicly accessible data of your CodeBits account (name and photo in your profile), as well as information about the activities that you perform in CodeBits services or in external applications associated with your account (for example, about feedback and comments) can be used by us for commercial purposes , including in advertising. You choose what information is publicly available. For example, you can prohibit the use of your name and photo in advertising.

For details on how CodeBits use and store content, see the Privacy Policy and the additional terms and conditions for using the appropriate Services. If you send us feedback and suggestions about working with the Services, we reserve the right to implement them without incurring any obligations to their author.

About software related to the Services

If you need to download the software to work with the Service, it can be automatically updated on the user\'s device when a new version of it appears or a new function is introduced. Some Services allow you to configure automatic update settings.

CodeBits grants you a personal, worldwide-acting, royalty-free, non-exclusive and non-assignable license to use its software as part of the Service. It allows you to take full advantage of the CodeBits Services in full compliance with these Terms. You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell or lease any elements of the Services and related software, reverse engineer, and attempt to extract the source code for this software, except as required by law, or if you have written permission from CodeBits.

We pay much attention to open source software. Some of the programs that you need when working with or using our Services are subject to the terms of the free license that will be provided to you. Certain of its provisions explicitly overlap certain requirements of these Terms.

Change and Termination of Services

We constantly change and improve our Services. From time to time, we implement or remove certain features and capabilities. We can also suspend the Service or close it.

You have the right to stop using our Services at any time. In addition, CodeBits at any time can close you access to them, restrict it or specify the new conditions associated with it.

We pay great attention to the access of users to their data. When closing the Service, we will take all measures to warn users about it, and we will give them the opportunity to copy the data contained in it.

Guarantees and disclaimers

We provide the Services based on an economically sound level of functionality and support. We hope that you will appreciate them. However, we can not assume certain obligations regarding our Services.

Neither CodeBits nor its suppliers and distributors give any other guarantees with respect to the Services, except those specified in the submitted and additional Terms of Use. In particular, we do not undertake any obligations regarding the content of the Services, their special functionality, reliability, availability and compliance with your needs. Services are provided on an \"as is\" basis.

Legislation in some countries provides such guarantees as marketability, suitability for a particular field of application and the absence of copyright infringement. In addition to the situations stipulated by law, we exclude all implied warranties.

Responsibility for the Services

Neither CodeBits nor its suppliers and distributors are liable for lost profits, lost revenue, lost data, financial losses, or indirect, special, indirect, punitive or punitive damages, unless otherwise provided by law.

Except as permitted by law, the overall liability of CodeBits, its suppliers and distributors for any claim in respect of these terms and conditions, including all implied warranties, is limited to the amount you paid for the use of the Services (or, at our option, the re-provision of appropriate Services to you) .

Under no circumstances will CodeBits, its suppliers and distributors be liable for unforeseen damages or damages.

We understand that in some countries you as a consumer may have additional legal rights. If you use the Service for personal purposes, the submitted and additional Terms of Use do not impose additional restrictions on your legal rights as a consumer, unless the latter are contractually conditioned.

Commercial Use of the Services

If you use our Services on behalf of your company, this means that the company accepts these Terms. It undertakes to protect CodeBits, its subsidiaries, management, agents and employees from any lawsuits, processes or proceedings arising out of your use of the Services or your breach of these Terms and any liability, including financial liability, damage, damage, processes, proceedings, legal costs and attorneys\' fees.

About these Terms of Use

We reserve the right to change these or additional Terms of Use in case of amendments to the legislation or updates of the Services themselves. You need to regularly monitor information about such adjustments. We will inform you about the changes in conditions on this page. Information on the modification of additional conditions is distributed within the framework of the relevant Services. Changes have no retroactive effect and take effect no earlier than fourteen days from the date of publication. However, if they are related to the introduction of new functions of the Services or amendments to the legislation, they will be applied immediately. If you do not agree with the changes in the terms of use of the Service, you must stop working with it.

If these conditions contradict additional, the latter have priority.

These conditions govern the relationship between CodeBits and you. They do not provide for the regulation of the rights of third parties.

If you violate these conditions and we do not take immediate action, this does not mean that we do not intend to assert our rights in the future (including taking certain actions).

If one of the provisions of these conditions becomes invalid, this will not affect the legitimacy of the remaining provisions.

In some cases, the courts of several countries do not recognize the legislation of Nevada. If you reside in one of these regions, Nevada law will not apply to claims arising out of these Terms of Use. Otherwise, you agree that all disputes regarding the Terms of Use or the Services will be resolved in accordance with the laws of the State of Nevada (USA), excluding provisions on conflict of laws. Likewise, if a court in your country refuses to recognize the jurisdiction of the State of Nevada, the US, then claims relating to these Terms of Use should be considered within the local jurisdiction and judicial district. Otherwise, all claims in one way or another related to these Terms of Use or the Services themselves are the responsibility of federal or state level courts located in Nevada, USA. You, on a par with CodeBits, recognize the jurisdiction of these courts.

You can find out how to contact the representatives of CodeBits on our contact page.

Technologies and principles

CodeBits implements many ideas and products that extend the limits of existing technologies. As a responsible company, we strive to strike a balance between innovation and the appropriate level of confidentiality and safety of our users. The principles of confidentiality are taken into account when making decisions at each level of the company, which allows us to ensure the safety of users and help them, while fulfilling our ongoing mission to organize information on a global scale.

Principles of confidentiality

Use of information to improve the quality of products and services.

The user in the center of attention is the first of the principles of CodeBits. Using personal information allows us to create products and services that meet the needs of a variety of people. In addition, this approach requires the development of new information security systems. As a result, we offer our audience innovative, convenient and safe products.

Develop products in accordance with strict standards of confidentiality.

CodeBits is committed to creating technologies that are ahead of their time. This applies, inter alia, to privacy protection tools that enable easy and accessible management of personal data. When creating our products, we fully take into account the requirements of legislation in the field of information security. In addition, we cooperate with regulatory organizations and IT companies, participating in the development and implementation of the latest standards for the security of user data.

Transparent collection of personal information

We provide all the necessary instructions for configuring our services. We also strive to inform our clients about what information we have about them and how it is used.

Choice of means of protection of confidentiality

The requirements for confidentiality are different for all people. To meet the needs of users, CodeBits aims to offer them a range of options for working with their personal information. We believe that it should not be a dead weight, and we want to create products that allow users to export their personal data to other services. We do not sell personal data of users.

Responsible management of the information received.

We very much appreciate the trust placed in us. Protection of personal data is one of our most important tasks, and we are fully aware of the responsibility entrusted to us. CodeBits collaborates with users, developers and experts in the field of information security to make the Internet safer and more reliable.

How CodeBits use cookies

A cookie is a small piece of text that is sent to the browser from the site you visited. It helps the site to remember information about you, for example, in which language you prefer to view it. This will be useful the next time you visit the same site. Thanks to cookies, browsing sites becomes much more convenient.

Cookies are used for a variety of purposes. For example, they allow you to save settings for advertising preferences and search, to select users interests and count the number of visits to the page. They are also required when registering with CodeBits services and ensuring the security of personal data.

Location data types used by CodeBits

The CodeBits services use different types of data about the location of the user.

Implicit location information does not tell you the exact location of the device, but suggests that you are in a location or are interested in it.

Information about Internet traffic , such as an IP address, is usually associated with the country as a whole and allows you to determine the language and regional settings in the search. This information is always transmitted when you use the Internet.

Some functions, such as navigation in the CodeBits service or its mobile service providers, require accurate location information. In this case, services are used that, based on GPS signals, device sensor readings, data from Wi-Fi access points and cell tower identifiers, determine where you are. You can enable and disable the transfer of such geodata, and in some applications and devices, advanced settings are available. For example, sometimes you can choose whether to save locations in the history of the service or your account.

How CodeBits uses credit card information

To process payments made using CodeBits services, including purchases in stores and services of our company, we save your entered credit and debit card data. It also allows you to identify fraudulent activities. The Privacy Notice for these services describes how the system collects and uses account information. We disclose your data to third parties only under the conditions described in this document. The services listed in your account that use your credit and debit card details are stored in encrypted form on secure servers.