CodeBits Interactive

Voulle [Pre-order]

About game:

The game takes place 104 years after the great war. Journalist Larin, who works in the newspaper of the Institute of RPI, has to deal with large amounts of monotonous work every day, but this time he will probably have the most important journalistic investigation into his life.

Game Features:

- A beautiful and dynamic world full of mysteries and secrets;

- Well-crafted, hand-drawn graphics of the game;

- The unique atmosphere of adventure in a retro-futuristic world;

- Interesting storyline and gameplay mechanics;

- Sounded and living characters with their own history and character;

- Well-developed dialogue system;


Language (Text): Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, French, German

Language (Voice): Russian

Developer: CodeBits Interactive 

Publisher: CodeBits Interactive 

Platforms: PC (Windows), Android, iOS, XBox One

Мультиплеер: No

CDBits Club: Full Support

What do you get for preorder?

- The full version of the game on Android and Windows on the day of release;

- Access to the Beta (early version) of the game at the 2019 on Windows;

- Additional materials on the game;