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What's new in Freelance Simulator 2?


Very soon the simulator of the freelancer turns exactly one year and in honor of this event there will be an exit of the continuation of the game about the hard life of the free worker of the IT industry. We have done a lot of work to update the graphic design of the game, making it more vivid, vivid and interesting, but this innovation of the second part does not end there. In this news we would like to tell you about new opportunities and innovations that will come in Freelancer Simulator 2.

Freelance Simulator 2

The heroes and HR

At the beginning of the game you can easily choose the appearance of your hero. Be a Hindu programmer, hipster or someone else - choose your style and start the game! As you pass, you will be able to hire hired assistants who will work with you to work on contracts and your projects. It will also be necessary to decide which of the employees is valuable to you at the moment and make difficult decisions on their dismissal and replacement, or development of their skills through "retraining."

Freelance Simulator 2

Purchase of offices and control of employees

In this version of the game, you can purchase new offices and specialized buildings (for example, a research laboratory) in your possession, place your employees there and monitor their work. Your employees will from time to time go on vacation, go on vacation or just on sick leave. You will also have to constantly check the performance of both your hero and your employees (it would not be very good if someone started to look at photos with seals instead of work) and react to it properly (reprimands, fines or simply dismissed employees).

Freelance Simulator 2

Research Laboratory

The research laboratory is a place where you can learn different technologies and create your own. In the future, you will need this and you can sell your technology to third-party studios who will gladly look for themselves for great solutions. At the initial stages of the game you yourself have to use third-party technology and pay for it some money.

Also, do not forget that each project and contract will cost you certain funds and have some requirements for technology, hardware, staff experience and other factors. You have to make a special emphasis on understanding the development strategy, so as not to become bankrupt.

PC for Freelancer

Now you have to collect iron for your freelancer - buy a motherboard, RAM, video card, thermal paste, hard disks, install a certain software, or just buy ready-made assemblies (they will be much more expensive than their assembly, but with an extended warranty and higher quality). The quality of the iron will also be affected by the skill of assembling your character's PC and your skill. The assembly of the PC will take place after the purchase of all the necessary components in the form of a small mini-game. The more steeply you collect a computer - the higher the complexity of the mini-game and its cost, respectively. And do not forget that the components have a property to wear out, and their cost in the market - to change.

New perks system

The game will introduce a new system of skills for each of the staff and your main character. You will be able to develop such skills as: marketing, social media, programming, design, modeling, leadership skills, business skills and other important parameters for a real freelancer. An important innovation will also be the physical and moral state of not only the protagonist, but also his wards.

New assignments, contracts and project types

In the new freelancer simulator you will find a lot of interesting assignments, contracts and new kinds of project. Their production will become much less unpredictable, interesting and exciting, so that you can experience all the delights of work in the field of information technology.

Fighting against competitors, marketing

In the game along with your team competitors will be represented - teams of other players from the Internet (on-line) with whom you can establish connections or arrange a kind of "war for influence". Also, in addition to online players will be presented and mega-corporations, with which you have to fight to achieve certain goals in the game.

Great people and events

From time to time in the game you will come across great peoples who will provide you with some bonuses (short-term, permanent or one-time). Find great people will not be easy, but their bonuses will help you develop your business more productively.

Events in the game are some activities (sometimes including quizzes and mini-games), for example: hakatons, encounters with aliens, exhibitions of advanced technologies and video games, tax inspections and much more.

And this is not all

In general, the game will feature a huge number of new features, interesting features and variations of the passage. We hope that the work that we have done will please you and you will be able to appreciate it.

Also in the game you can see:

- Improved optimization, support for Android, iOS and Windows;

- Support FullHD resolution and formats 18: 9;

- New soundtrack, animation and interesting story quests;

- A new rating system for players (competitors);

- A large number of business opportunities;

- And many many others!

If you are waiting and already plan to purchase Freelance Simulator 2 - you can support the development of our project and get some bonuses at the start of the game.

For this - you can write to our official community.