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Nuclear Village - Work in Progress (Unity5)

Hello everyone!

Today we would like to show some developments on the game Nuclear Village, developed by our team for personal computers on the engine Unity 5.

This game will be a real-time strategy with elements of survival. Your goal is to erect a stable settlement in the post-apocalyptic world, fight off raiders and mutants, get water and much much more.

Nuclear Village

The game will take place 250 years later, in a world struck by all the delights of nuclear war. You will face not only the most common difficulties, like mining resources, maintaining the moral and physical condition of your subordinates and building a roof over your head, but also fighting off various kinds of aggressors - mutants, raiders, radioactive zombies, and exploring the world and sending research expeditions To search for rare resources and other survivors.

We will be very glad to see your suggestions in the comments!