CodeBits Interactive

New website features and design

Hello everyone!

Today we finally completed the redesign of our site and the brand as a whole. The site has gotten more modern and convenient design, services for business have been moved to a separate site, and also some new features have appeared, including rejection of CodeBits Launcher.

Now, when you buy games in the CodeBits store, you do not need to install Launcher on your PC. You just go to the section "My Games" of your profile and download the installation file of the game to your Windows PC.

In the future we are planning the following innovations on the site:

- Add the Achievements tab to your profile so you can track all CodeBits Club achievements.

- Add the Clans tab so you can track your clans in various games that support CodeBits Club.

- Personal messages and public profiles so that you can chat and compare achievements with your friends at CodeBits Club.

- CodeBits Club mobile apps on Android and iOS.

- You will also receive points (which you can exchange for products in the CodeBits store) when you receive achievements in some games.

- And etc.