CodeBits Interactive

New CodeBits Logo

Not so long ago, the logo and the color palette of CodeBits were updated and on the background of this event we decided to tell in the question-and-answer format why and how we came to choosing a new symbol of our team.

What is the reason for changing the logo?

"We have long changed our priorities for game development. This is what influenced such changes. Our past logo and color palette was strict and rather suited to a design studio or any other company working in the B2B segment, but now we have focused on what has always been liked - game development. We tried to make our new logo bright, insane and unusual, which would reflect the games developed by our team. It turned out we have it or not - to judge of course only our fans. However, personally, we really like the logo."

Why red colors?

"Everything is very simple. We create crazy and unusual games that challenge the player. Red - has long been famous for its aggressive color and we decided to use it to attract your attention. It is clear that to use only one red one - it would not be like a designer one, but our colleagues know the measure and are professionals in the field of design."

Do you plan to use the old logo?

"Of course, we will use it further to develop business demonstrations and work with the corporate sector. However, the main and permanent logo will remain a new one."