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Lords of Sword is coming

Friends, we have good news!

After a long pause, we prepare the release of the Lords of Sword game into a full release on Android, iOS, Windows and Vkontakte. You expect a lot of innovations and corrections, which we have been preparing for several months.

So, what awaits you in the new version of the game?

- Improved optimization for all platforms; 
- New ballance for comfortable playing; 
- New battle modes and arenas; 
- Legendary items and New pets;

- Character effects, new spells and perks;

- Guilds and new clan system;

- Leagues and tournaments inside game;

- Quest and everyday events;

- Locations for exploring;

- And more more enougth! 

Also game will be available at new languages:

Russian, English, Ukrainian, Spanish, French, Portugal

Thank you for your support at beta!