CodeBits Interactive

First mobile game

Good day!

Today we would like to tell you about one of the first mobile Android games released and developed by CodeBits (then still InterWave Media). Of course, up to this point, we also had other games, for example the first part of Pepoland or DUSH: Online for the social network VK, but today I would like to pay tribute to the first game we published on Android. So sit down, pour the gulls and we plunge into the jungle of 2015.

How the project was created

There was an ordinary evening when we got together and started brainstorming in search of the idea of a game with which we could try our hand at Google Play, see how everything is arranged there. The Final Frontier was more of a trial project, rather than something serious. Looking at one idea after another, we settled on one old toy from ATARI and decided to rework it for mobile devices. We had no intention of earning any money at that time, of course.

The development of the game lasted approximately 2 days. On the first day, we painted all the graphics in Flat style and gave it a cardboard appearance. After that we started writing the logic. It's funny, but then we developed the project on Construct 2. We all make mistakes and it's good that we moved on to Unity3D. As a result, the game was too simple, but we liked it, because it was for us something like nostalgia for the old games.

After completing the development, we sent it to a publication on Google Play and posted some ads on forums and in communities on social networks. Having received the first reviews and downloads, we realized that the development and publication of games requires a deep study of the market, which we later engaged in implementing future projects.