CodeBits Interactive

CodeBits in 2018

Dear friends!

Already on the threshold of the New, 2019! And that means it's time to sum up some of the results of 2018 and share with the plans for 2019. We are grateful to all those who supported us in this difficult year. And we promise that the next one will be even cooler!

Let's start with numbers and achievements:

1. Freelancer simulator scored more than 900,000 installations and confidently approaching the mark of a million users!

2. Pepoland: The Stoned Wars has managed to acquire more than 50,000 players worldwide.

3. Average monthly traffic amounted to more than 80,000,000 requests per month!

4. The leaders in traffic are: Russia, Brazil, Azerbaijan, the USA and Ukraine.

5. We modernized our network, launched the corporate division of BitsLab.

6. Our team has launched new services: FitSpace and CodeBits Chats.

7. The average number of hours per player increased to 3 hours per day.

8. On average, our games are played by over 800 people per hour.

And this is not all achievements. We also began to refine and prepare for the release of other interesting projects that are preparing their way out in 2019.

Now we would like to touch on the topic of the phrases most used by our users in 2018:

- "When will the update to Pepoland: TSW?"; "Where's update admins?"

- "Give me promo please"; "Where i can find promo?";

- "How to win the heart of Harper?";

- "Give marks pliz";

And popular searches related to CodeBits:

- "pepoland tsw";

- "freelancer simulator";

- "freelancer simulator code"; "freelancer simulator promo code";

- "pepoland promocode";

- "freelance tycoon get diamonds codes";

- "codebits club";

- "freelancer simulator hackathon answers";

- "all about pepoland";

- "win xbox one";

So, in 2019 you will find:

- Freelancer Simulator 2 (Continuation of the popular game for Android, iOS and Windows)

- Neonix (Logical puzzle game for PC running Windows)

- Live 2 Drive (Hurricane Racing for PC and XBox One)

- Pepoland: War of Syndicates (MMORPG with a focus on cooperative passage of the game story)

- Gamify (Business gamification service)

- Ocugine Services (Services for game developers)

- Another great gaming functionality on CodeBits.

And many many others!

Thank you, dear friends for your support!

Thank you for being with us!

Special thanks to these people:

- Vasilisa Rastorgueva;

- Ilya Veselicky;

- Nick Seagull;

- Alex Makarova;

- Angelina Alekseeva;

- Michael Morozov;

- Vitaly Kalkopf;

- Rodion Brehach;

- July Rudman;

- Pavel Pushkarev;

- Alex Sarmanov;

- Sergey Rastorguev;

- Max Zubarev;

- Anton Burko;

- Jiga;

- mig666;

Regards, CodeBits team!