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BitsLab CMS is coming

Good evening everyone!

We have excellent news regarding the development of our web platform for developing sites and mobile applications. CodeBits Platform is replaced by a new engine, based on the old platform, but with a new, wide functionality and a lot of innovations. Now we introduce multi-pattern support, improved performance and security, support for Bootstrap 4 from the box, and many other interesting things. Below, we decided to tell more about each of them.

By the way, before we start. You can follow the progress of the development on our git:

Improved architecture

We left the Singleton approach to our architecture unchanged, but introduced a number of improvements and innovations in the architecture of the framework, adding it all necessary for a simple development of the kernel developers. Also we prepare good documentation for those who want to learn the engine from and to. This will be the right step for the public accessibility of our platform.

Support for multi-template and marketplace

We introduce support for multi-template and flexible editing from the control panel of the website. We also introduce a kind of "marketplace" where you can download third-party or additional plug-ins and themes for the development of your project. We also invite experienced web developers to collaborate to create extensions. If you like works with us - contact us today.

Liter for websites creation

New tools, an improved control panel and a more flexible architecture with support for extensions, multi-patterning and multi-linguality. All this is done to bring our project to the masses, so that you start working with our time-tested tools.

Improved performance and security

We always strive for safety and productivity. At the moment, we focus on the speed of work, the ease of the engine and the high security of all components from the box. We hope our platform will become a reliable basis for your projects in the future.

Separation of rights and groups of users

In the new version of the engine, we decided to introduce a separation of rights and user groups. Now you can create groups of users, assign them special rights to access and change your data. Thus, you will be able to delimit roles on the site more than just the user-administrator.

Improved analytics

In the previous version of the engine, there was already support for analytics, but now we have made it more flexible, informative and profound for better analysis of your site's data. Well, as always, you can turn it off and connect another one, if necessary.

Support Bootstrap 4 out of the box

Basic site templates and control panels, as well as modules, use the modern CSS Framework - Twitter Bootstrap, so you can easily translate existing templates to work with BitsLab CMS.

What else is planned?

List of other innovations coming to BitsLab CMS:

- Improved API work. Enable or disable API support for individual components

- Enterprise-solutions for business

- New useful components and an improved content editor

- New media manager

- Improved engine for SEO optimization and performance evaluation

- And many many others

Do you want to start transferring your business to BitsLab CMS? Contact us today - we help you!