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4BITS Platform announcement

Good day to all.

Today we will talk about the upcoming launch of the second generation CodeBits Platform, which changed its name and received a new one - 4BITS Platform. For those who are unfamiliar with what CodeBits Platform is, it’s a framework and cms in one person, with which a developer can spend less time on design and more on creativity, while providing his clients with an excellent website / application management interface.

What will be in the new 4BITS Platform?

- Multi-template system, widget support and navigation components;

- More convenient plugin system;

- Catalog of templates and plug-ins, where developers can publish their work;

- Updated localization and configuration modules;

- Updated content delivery system via API;

- Updated user system out of the box with the ability to create user groups;

- New library for working with security, content processing and user data;

- New media file manager;

- Updated control panel design and website template out of the box;

- Complete platform documentation will now be publicly available.;

And this is not the whole list of innovations that is waiting for you. The platform will be available under the MIT license and can be used by you absolutely free.

The release of the platform will be held this year.