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Welcome to the Pepoland! The Los Royal city is swept over a wave of madness. Unite with friends and take the order in your hands! Dynamic MMORPG with epic storyline in the Pepoland!

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About Game:

The once prosperous city of Los Royale will never be the same. The sales police, the greatly increased crime rate and the recent murder of the city's measure by one of the local drug lords close to the city, drowned the city in chaos. The city was immersed in a war of factions. Everything, from small gangs to big crime syndicates, is trying to capture the city's life in their hands.

Unite with friends, create your own syndicate and join the battle for power in Chelopundriya. Large-scale MMO-battles, an epic storyline and a host of other possibilities await you in the game.

Main Features:

- A detailed world with its history and rules;

- Bright and colorful graphics in the style of the cartoon;

- Epic storyline available for single or joint passage;

- PVP and PVE battlegrounds with online players;

- System of clans, ratings and leagues of players;

- A lot of side quests and mini-games;


Text Language: Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, French, German

Voice Language: Russian

Developer: CodeBits Interactive

Publisher: CodeBits Interactive

Engine: Unity3D / CodeBits Platfor

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Available on platforms:

Windows Xbox One Android iOS Web


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