CodeBits Interactive

About this game


Sit behind the wheel of one of the dozens of supercars and achieve victory at any cost. Take part in one of several game modes and compete for the title of the best racer with other drivers around the world. Take part in the biggest racing tournaments in the history of racing online games.

In the game there will be several types of racing races:

- Ring race and race for departure 
- Time contest 
- Drift (competition for the best controlled slip) 
- Sprint (short race) 
- Time trial 
- Multiple chase modes with police officers 
- Championships and leagues


Is it boring to explore the world alone? Unite with your friends in clubs and establish your order in the city. Compete with other clubs and discover unique items available only for the best racing clubs. Communication inside the club will allow you to better organize your actions in the game.


Your car is your work of art. Find and discover more and more details to create your unique car in the game. Install a hefty body kit, decorate your car for your personality and engage in internal tuning - from engine installation to fine tuning of the suspension. And of course do not forget about the development of your pilot's profile for discovering more and more details, abilities and skills.