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Topic formating rules

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    21.11.2017, 19:02, 520 Views

    Welcome to the CodeBits Feedback!

    In this section, you can ask a question to the CodeBits team, and also report your problem related to the site / club CodeBits in general, or make your suggestions for improving the site and forum.

    Before creating a new topic, please read the rules for registering the topics for this section, which are described below.

    So, making out the theme, follow these rules:

    - In the title of the topic, briefly describe your message (no more than 50 characters).

    - Be sure to include a brief description of your topic (no more than 200 characters), which will reflect the essence of your message in this section.

    - If you want your topic to be quickly found on forums - do not forget to specify keywords separated by commas (no spaces).

    - In the text of your message, describe in detail the essence of your problem / proposal, if possible, add screenshots.

    At registration of themes it is not welcomed:

    - Inconsistency of the title and a brief description of the text of the topic.

    - The content of the topic is different from the essence of this section.

    - Unprintable language, insults, incitement to ethnic hatred and other behaviors that may seem offensive to other members of the community (including the site administration).

    - Direct or indirect advertising.

    And of course, make sure that there is a need for creating themes. In most cases, your problem can be solved by posting to the help section on the relevant page of the site. Creating a topic with a problem is only necessary when it is required to have a collective discussion with other members of the community.

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