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CodeBits Meeting Rules for new topics in the meetings section

Rules for new topics in the meetings section

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    21.11.2017, 20:39, 592 Views

    Dear friends!

    We greatly respect your opinion and allow you to communicate on a variety of topics in the CodeBits community. However, for comfortable communication, we have created some rules for registration of topics that relate to this category as well. Some of them we described below (the basic rules you can find in a special section of the forum). Let's respect other members of our friendly family!

    When formatting a topic, be sure to include an informative title and a brief description. This will help other users find it easier to find the answer to their question. If possible, specify the keywords of your topic for a simplified search.

    When writing the full text of the topic - be literate, informative and concise. Try to allow as little water as possible and describe your question / suggestion / topic as accurately as possible. Also respect other members of the community, do not allow obscene language, incite interethnic / cultural / religious or any other conflicts.

    Let's respect each other and live in a civilized community!

    Sincerely, your Administration.

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