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    21.11.2017, 17:01, 414 Views


    Below you can find a set of rules of conduct on the forums, prepared by our team. Please follow these rules and respect other members of our friendly community!

    For non-compliance with these rules, your account may be blocked. The forum administration reserves the right to delete / edit your topics and comments on the forum without explanation.

    General Information

    These rules apply to all forums of the portal / If for some forums it is determined otherwise - the forum's own rules are an addition to the present, while in case of disputable situations, the forum's own rules are the priority.

    Forum rules can be changed at the discretion of the administration without alerting community members, so we strongly recommend that you visit this topic to clarify the rules.

    Last modified: 11/21/17

    You Cannot:

    A. Topic names:

    - Create a topic with a name already existing in the forum;

    - Creation of themes with an indistinct title, for example: "Help!", "All here", etc.

    - Creation of themes with obscene language in the title, description or full text;

    B. Thematic constraints:

    - Post messages that are clearly not relevant to the topic of the forum;

    - Any kind of political propaganda is prohibited, except for special topics having a pronounced theme.

    - It is forbidden to create messages with meaningless or inarticulate content.

    C. Duplication:

    - Post messages more than once, even with relatively old messages of close content: when posting a message 2 times - the first copy is deleted, more than 2 times - all are deleted, more than 5 times - you risk being blocked (full lock of the CodeBits account);

    - Duplicate messages to neighboring forums, also in case of abuse or off-topic, all messages are deleted;

    D. Advertising:

    - To place commercial messages without coordination with the editorial office of the site. Commercial means messages containing advertisements of goods or paid services, as well as directly or indirectly aimed at making profit by interested persons;

    - Place invitations to other sites. Such posts are deleted, and violators can be blocked (except when referring to a source or a note);

    - Please understand that SPAM is the most dirty and low form of advertising that exists on the web. If you dropped in before him and came to our forums with the goal of advertising something (instead of asking the administration about the existing opportunities and forms of advertising on the site) - keep in mind that the forum is a place where everyone can do something, then write in response to your message, and control the content of the answers you will not have any opportunity. After the first answer, your post can turn from advertising into the most terrible anti-advertising and you yourself will ask us to remove it. In such cases, we do not go to meet. If you want to advertise something, write us a letter, and if we find that our site can be useful to you - we will offer specific options for posting information.

    E. Incorrect conduct:

    - Place any information contrary to the law;

    - Insult other forum participants and move on to individuals; To swear at a mate (for insults of moderators or other members of edition of a site you risk to receive lifelong ban);

    - Leave offensive, defamatory or impartial statements against third parties (people, organizations);

    - Issue for the facts (including as arguments) unverified or knowingly incorrect information.

    F. Incorrect signatures:

    - Use different nicks for signing. One user is one nick. It is strictly forbidden to use random words, word combinations, individual symbols or their arbitrary sets for signing. In case of violation of this rule, the moderator can edit your signature or delete the message.

    - Use nicknames for the signature of the message: "Administrator", "Admin", etc., and also specify the official mailing addresses of the site in the "e-mail" field. Such messages are deleted or edited at the discretion of the moderator.

    - The use of nicknames similar to those already existing in the forum, similar ones are understood as consonant nicknames, creating the impression of almost identical, and similarly visually, by using a mixture of Russian and Latin letters, numbers. For example: clam and c1am, admin and admin (a - Latin / Russian); x @ m, boor and ham.

    G. Illustrations :

    - It is forbidden to insert illustrations larger than 2 mb in size or larger than 1920 pixels in larger dimensions, except when necessary in the context of the message (for example, demonstrating the quality of the image). The editors reserve the right to remove any illustration in the absence of its connection with the text of the message.

    On forums it is not welcomed:

    - Raising the old (> 3 months) topics without the special need or importance of the information reported.

    - Using the UPPER REGISTER in topics and messages

    - Using transliteration

    - Excessive quoting of the interlocutor from the same topic.

    - Unnecessarily long messages (more than 1000 characters).

    Denial of responsibility:

    - The editorial office of the site does not bear any responsibility for the content and reliability of any information posted on the forums, as well as for moral or material damage, direct or indirect losses related to the use of forums or information posted on them. For details, see the official notice and disclaimer.

    - The visitor is responsible for the information placed by the visitor. Data identifying the visitor can only be provided upon the official request of law enforcement agencies.

    - The use of forums, as well as any other sections of this site, means acceptance of these rules, as well as all the provisions of the official notification.

    And remember: we always try to be guided by common sense.

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