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These Rules of Conduct (hereinafter - Rules of Conduct), which come into force from the date of their signing by you, constitute an agreement concluded between CodeBits Interactive acting on its own behalf (hereinafter referred to as CDBits or "We"), and you, an individual , acting on behalf of the owner of the account of the Club CodeBits (hereinafter - "You"). Your activity in the CodBits club is governed by these Rules of Conduct, as well as by the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service, collectively referred to as the "Agreement", if they are not separately mentioned. You agree that you are solely responsible for all actions taken from your account. Responsibility for any actions committed in connection with the use of CodeBits Interactive and its partners, including the distribution of user content, is borne by the owner of the account.

By admitting and committing the following inappropriate actions with your account, you violate the Rules of Conduct. In the event of a breach of this Agreement, CodeBits Interactive reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to take any action, including the immediate termination of your account, the suspension of you from the Game or the prohibition of the use of any CodeBits services.

1. Compliance with laws

1.1 It is forbidden to publish, transmit, distribute or advertise illegal content.

1.2 Laws that operate outside the network also apply to behavior on the network. We at CodeBits and in partner organizations, strongly prohibit any illegal behavior on websites, forums or games. In case of illegal behavior on the part of users, we stop providing services and cooperate with the authorities.

2. Conduct

2.1 It is not allowed to create a name for an account, character or avatar that is offensive in terms of race or ethnicity, describing sexual actions or physiological excretory functions of the body. You agree not to indicate your belonging to any group united by the idea of ​​hatred of other people. Any other names, phrases or fragments of chat that CodeBits deems offensive are also a violation of the Agreement, including these Rules of Conduct.

2.2 It is not allowed to use names, fragments of text or statements that reflect a negative attitude towards the "protected category "According to the federal legislation or the legislation of the Perm Territory. Such unacceptable names and statements include, in particular, those that reflect a negative attitude towards age, race, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, pregnancy or gender identity. It is forbidden to create an account with a name that offends the owner of another account, CodeBits employee, CodeBits property or CodeBits Interactive company and its partners; You also have no right to create an account with a name indicating that you are the specified persons or a representative of the specified companies.

2.3 It is not allowed to create accounts with names that offend famous historical, political or religious figures, and also containing links to websites. It is not allowed to share your personal data or personal data of another person, to indicate them in the name of the account, character or avatar, using the services of CodeBits or its partners. You agree not to create accounts with names indicating copyright names, names of popular characters, names of serial killers of the modern era, as well as names of persons or groups who committed crimes against humanity in the past.

2.4 Any communication related to the services of CodeBits, you undertake not to use the distorted or alternative spelling of inappropriate materials, and also not to use them homonyms, similar phrases or groups of characters that allow you to pass an invalid name or saying. This rule, among other things, refers to text messages, chat rooms, in-game messages and other means of communication between players.

2.5 When using sites and services, CodeBits is not allowed to threaten other users, bother them with intrusive actions and inform them of obscenity . Such unacceptable statements, among others, include verbal threats, unwanted insistent messages, personal insults, intimidation, and other types of communication that create discomfort or disturb other users. In all circumstances, users should refrain from offenses related to age, race, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, pregnancy, gender identity and other protected categories according to federal law or the legislation of Perm Krai.

2.6 Users agree Do not transmit content and do not contribute to the transmission of content that contains insult on racial or national grounds, obscenity and description of sexual actions violates the copyright, violates the right to confidentiality or the right to public use, and can also be reasonably deemed by another user to be inappropriate. Kindling of hatred ("hate speech") is prohibited under any circumstances.

2.7 You agree not to interfere with the natural course of communication in chat rooms, forums or in the game with obscene and offensive statements, numerous repetitive messages or huge images placed to prevent other users. Not allowed spam, flood (multiple sending the same text), posting messages to raise the topic "in the top." 2.8 It is prohibited to misuse the support functions in the game and the button to send complaints, and also sending false complaints to CodeBits employees. It is not allowed to abuse the functions of sending messages or systems to help any of the CodeBits services.

3. Impersonation of others

3.1 It is forbidden to impersonate another person (including celebrities) or to indicate that you are a representative or employee of CodeBits or a partner company CodeBits. You do not have the right to convince other users or guests that you are a representative of CodeBits or any of its partners.

4. Privacy

4.1 You may not attempt to obtain information about the account, passwords, personal data and other personal information of any other user or guest using the services of CodeBits or its partners. CodeBits employees will NEVER ask your password.

4.2 It is not allowed to report or transfer personal data of any user, including yours. Never tell anyone your password, answers to secret questions, secret words or information about payments. Disclosure of account information is a violation of the Agreement and may lead to your account being hacked, stolen or compromised.

4.3 You may not share your account with anyone. It is forbidden to use one account by more than one individual. Access to websites and services CodeBits, including the CodeBits club, is designed for entertainment and recreation of individuals. These sites and services are not intended for corporate use, for commercial use, or for revenue purposes. Corporations, companies, partnerships, joint ventures, limited liability companies, legal entities and other organizations and individuals that are not individuals are not entitled to create accounts with the aim of gaining access to the websites, games or services of CodeBits; also not entitled to create accounts of persons acting on behalf of the above organizations and legal entities.

5. Security

5.1 Users are not allowed to use any unauthorized applications, programs, scripts and other third-party tools that change the game mechanics to change the functionality of the game, services, forum or other games or services of CodeBits, including the distribution of these programs through services, sites, forums and communities CodeBits. Among other things, such unacceptable actions include the use or distribution of "speed hacks", "hooking bots", mouse controllers, spam bots, game automation devices, etc. Third-party applications mean any programs, applications or scripts written by individuals, companies, corporations or private organizations not authorized to provide CodeBits services.

5.2 As for online games or controversial games, users undertake not to use any "bugs" and z oupotreblyat whatever was gaming systems (eg, systems of scoring and winning) in the game, the service, the forum CodeBits, as well as in other games and services provided by CodeBits. Users are committed not to use or distribute any "bugs" found in any CodeBits game, real or fictitious, regardless of whether they give a dishonest advantage or not. You also undertake not to disseminate information or promote the dissemination of information about any such "bugs" among other users of the CodeBits service (in the game or using the CodeBits service). Messages about "bugs" and "exploits" should be sent through the in-game portal or at . <
5.3 Users agree not to download files or content containing viruses, malicious code or damaged data.

5.4 Users undertake not to commit any unlawful acts and do not contribute to the commission of unlawful acts related to to hacking software or distributing unlicensed software.

6. Literary property

6.1 Users undertake not to post, transmit or distribute any dynamic or static user content, the rights to which are not entirely owned by the account holder. The use of copyrighted material is prohibited in all circumstances, except for use on behalf of the copyright owner. Before using any material on any CodeBits Interactive site. or within the framework of the CodeBits service, you need to make sure that this material does not infringe copyright. Any use of copyrighted material that is not wholly owned by the account holder is a violation of the Agreement, including these Rules of Conduct.

7. Spam & Ads

7.1 It is not allowed to post messages that violate the order of the game or use the service, including "spam", "flood" and other inappropriate messages. Such messages, among others, include duplicate identical messages, the publication of the same message in different places, meaningless messages, messages that violate the natural course of communication or the re-posting of messages deleted by CodeBits employees. In addition, you may not post advertising or commercial messages through any of the CodeBits services, as well as any materials related to the commercial provision of services, advertising of products or commercial offers (including schemes of financial pyramids and "chain letters").


For violation of one or more of the CodeBits code of conduct rules (in particular CodeBits and CDBits Club), as well as its partners, the offender account may be blocked or deleted, and in some cases, its owner may be brought to administrative or criminal liability in accordance with federal laws, or the legislation of Perm Krai.